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Franco Sordelli celebrates 100 years of activity.

October 21 2021

Franco Sordelli, based in Venegono Inferiore (Varese), the second most important eyewear manufacturing area in Italy, laid down its roots way back in 1921. In 100 years of activity, this company established itself in the production and manufacturing of plastic materials, becoming an industry leader in the 1950s in the sector of crafted and semi-finished plastic products, before later specialising in the production and distribution of glasses.

The company is currently run by the Sordelli family: by the head of the family and founder Franco, with his sons Luca and Dino.

Speed, flexibility, efficiency in the decision-making processes, a local-based production and an open-minded attitude (which allowed them, for example, to switch production to protective eye masks during the pandemic) are all qualities that have helped the company become established in international markets. Touch and Snob Milano are two of the company’s own brands.

To mark its hundredth anniversary, Snob Milano – the brand which enjoys a creative partnership with Tommaso Bossetti – wished to pay homage to the company and, above all, the family (which strongly believed in this project) with a special commemorative set containing a wonderful pair of titanium glasses.

“Anniversario” (Anniversary) is the name selected for these exclusive prescription glasses with magnetic sunglass clip-ons and ZEISS Sunlens lenses, in two versions, presented in a special leather box. The glasses are part of a limited and numbered run, with only 150 examples of each version, and are available from selected stores.
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