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Friendly atmosphere at MIDO

February 18 2020

Franco Sordelli, founder of the company with the same name, is a well-known figure in the industry. In this interview, he tells us about his experience with MIDO over the past 50 years.

What was the atmosphere like during the first MIDO?

In 1970, MIDO was held in the old trade fair site in Milan, Piazza VI Febbraio. We were a few exhibitors and we knew almost everyone there! There was a very friendly atmosphere.

It was the first event in the sector and we expected a concrete response from the market and from the foreign professional operators.

How was MIDO perceived from the businesses of the Varese district?

In those days, essentially three large companies were based in the province of Varese: Mazzucchelli, Sordelli and Cremona. Everyone expected an opening towards new markets.

We worked a great deal with the USA: we had 5 production lines, one hundred employees on each line and produced 7,000 dozen glasses each day.

What are your most cherished memories associated with the fair?

Meeting with some of our competitors/friends, suppliers and foreign clients every year with whom we organised dinners where we caught up on all the latest news.

Why did you decide to never miss any of the MIDO editions?

In 1972 I had left Sordelli for personal reasons and founded my own company, “Franco Sordelli”, and MIDO was the only opportunity to introduce myself to the market. It was a “mandatory” pathway, even if it was also a pleasure.

MIDO has always been an occasion for connecting with the international clients.

What added value does MIDO offer?

MIDO has taken on a primary importance compared to the other trade fairs of the sector. It is the giant of the industry: all the manufacturers of eyeglasses and raw materials are there... the creme de la creme of the industry.

It has outclassed all the other fairs!

I believe that the cornerstone has been moving up the fair from early May to late February.

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