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Gant glasses and a sustainable approach

November 20 2020

Gant is a strongly eco-friendly brand. A sustainability-aware approach to design and planning is in the company's DNA, extending clearly to its eyewear sector, managed by Marcolin since 2013. Matteo Blandi, Marcolin Group Marketing Director, gives an exclusive interview to WMIDO about the eyewear planning strategy.

Gant is a company that can be defined as 'bio-based'. Can you explain the brand philosophy to us more in depth?

Gant has adopted a strategy of premium product manufacturing, with a 'preppy' style, timeless charm, and designed to last. The company defines itself as 'bio-based' because it has used traceable and sustainable plant-based products for years, globally.

By 2030, the brand will be focused on maintenance and development of new business using bio-based materials for top quality products. This is an important issue, to respond to ethical, environmental and social responsibilities. This conscious and sustainable approach in the design of wonderful products is rightfully considered the future of good business.

As part of our commitment to this sustainable approach, in 2019 Gant launched an innovative range of glasses called r-PET, as well as introducing other innovations in different categories. The glasses are produced in 85% r-PET plastic, meaning that each pair of glasses is made of up to 5 recycled plastic bottles.

How is Marcolin tackling the issue of sustainability?

As a Group, we conform to current norms and key international treaties regarding health, safety, environment and social responsibility, in order to guarantee compliance with international standards and best practices in ethical, workplace, health, safety and environment issues throughout the entire supply chain, all summed up in Marcolin's Code of Ethics. Furthermore, we are constantly committed to the development of sustainable strategies, also in improving our production processes to optimise efficient use of resources.

How is your commitment fulfilled in the Gant eyewear collection?

Gant has been part of our brand portfolio since 2013. Having a brand in our portfolio that treats sustainability as one of its key pillars is extremely important for us, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the design, production and distribution of the brand's eyewear collections.

The brand's expertise can be seen in the collections, whether prescription items or sunglasses.

Gant eyewear offers a variety of modern and fashionable frames along with classic, timeless styles. We have numerous shapes and colours in retrò-inspired models, combined to produce sunglasses and prescription ranges for men and women that are always on-trend.

The refined details of the logo are included on every model – a clear reference to the brand's U.S. heritage with the added benefit of European stylishness.

Is the eyewear collection packaging also eco-friendly?

The packaging for the r-PET sunglasses, made with recycled plastic bottles, equally respects the demand for sustainable materials. This too is made with materials from recycled plastic bottles, as is the cleaning cloth, in this all-round eco-friendly project.

How is the collection's distribution organised on a global scale?

The collection is created in partnership with the Marcolin Group and is currently distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide, via our distribution and optician partners. The sunglasses collection is also distributed in Gant single-brand stores.

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