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Gigi Studios is growing in spite of Covid.

October 2 2020

The independent optical brand Gigi Studios has reversed the impact of the crisis caused by Coronavirus. After two months of frozen sales, the company is starting off the fourth quarter of the year with the same invoicing that it reached in September, 2019 and in June, 2020 it achieved the second best results of its career.

The Support Plan for opticians

With these positive results and with the launches planned for the next few months, the aim is to close 2020 with a 20% increase in invoicing.

Amongst the reasons behind these good results in such a complicated year, the Support Plan for opticians that was launched at the start of the lockdown stands out. The new Gigi Studios Men collection has also played an important role.

This is a line exclusively for men, forming one of the brand’s most important projects and one that has been received enthusiastically by clients, showing that the market values a collection designed exclusively for the male public.

The sales team

During this time, the company has been working on the development and innovation of new collections, as well as consolidating the sales team with the incorporation of 12 sales representatives to complete a 44 member sales team. Additionally, Gigi Studios has 18 distribution companies working in countries such as Greece, Canada, Poland or Israel.

In recent months, corporate support profiles have joined the company and new actions have been laid out to guarantee excellent customer services and to ensure that the products are delivered in less than 48-72 hours.

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