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Gucci Vault

Gucci opens its virtual world on The Sandbox.

November 1 2022

The experimental concept store Gucci Vault was conceived by Creative Director Alessandro Michele as a meeting point, a place where different perspectives entwine and unleash creativity that looks to the future. As an ever-evolving experimental force, taking the fashion house into unexpected dimensions, Vault has expanded in multiple directions within the metaverse. The brand-new Gucci Vault Land in The Sandbox offers the opportunity to explore Vault from a 360° perspective, thanks to a narrative that unwinds through play, revealing what at first seemed indescribable. This space celebrates the precise selection of vintage Gucci items, the dialogue between contemporary creators and the fashion house, the passion for digital artworks and NFTs, along with the magic that bursts forth from the encounter of these different realities, and the merging of the communities that surround them.

Until 9 November, Gucci Vault Land will be an event distinct from the classic seasons of The Sandbox. In search of wonders, visitors enter the “Garden of Curiosities" to begin their journey. In an oasis of greenery studded with ancient ruins, the PNG (in the form of fun robots with computer heads) are ready to guide players through the countless activities offered at the digital playground. After passing through a majestic entrance with imposing Doric columns, the adventure takes place inside a series of rooms, each designed to offer players a game experience that embodies the fundamental cornerstones of Vault. Whether it’s about restoring a vintage Gucci bag to its original splendour in the "Vault Vintage Lab" or solving a puzzle in the "Vault Room of Rhyme", the players grapple with different activities before taking part in a lottery organised by The Sandbox, where they can win an exclusive prize and SAND (token or currency of The Sandbox based on the Ethereum blockchain).

Gucci Vault Land also presents a selection of digital collection items. From hats to skateboard ramps, even a car, each item is designed as a collectable that players can display in their own digital spaces. Also, as a reward for the community, anyone who possesses a Gucci Vault NFT in their crypto wallet, such as Supergucci or the Gucci Grail NFT, will be able to request a collector’s Gucci Vault Aura, which their avatar can wear on The Sandbox to show his/her membership of the community.

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