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How Komono expresses its ecological responsibility.

April 16 2021

Our journey into sustainability in the world of eyewear continues. In this interview, we take a closer look at Komono's reality project. Founder Anton Janssens talks about it at WMIDO.  

Would you tell us about your path towards a production that sees the use of ecologically responsible materials?

We are strongly committed to use eco-friendly materials and packaging in our upcoming collections. This season we launched two new ecologically responsible materials in the optical collection: Eco-Acetate and Recycled Acetate.

These represent a continued step in the commitment to work with materials that have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Could you tell us more about these materials?

Eco-acetate is made with a very high percentage of natural components. It is recyclable and partially biodegradable. Recycled acetate on the other hand is made out of acetate leftovers from the current production. These leftovers are melted and dyed with pigment to create a perfect black acetate.

This way we can limit the resources we need and do something useful with materials that would otherwise turn to waste.

Do you have other new projects?

We have just launched the Illusion Collection, it requires a second reading with subtle details blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. Shapes are distorted and deformed, materials manipulated, and colors reconstructed.

An air of illusion is created with opaque and translucent substances while reflecting finishes create a sense of distortion.

Another project that we are currently working on is our yearly collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Together with five master students we are creating a capsule collection that goes beyond. It’s fashion forward, innovative and a fresh eye on eyewear.

How will your commitment to the environment develop in the future?

At Komono we are taking a pioneering role in rendering innovative design, not only accessible but also viable on the long term. This means we are constantly adapting how we conduct our business, whether it be in the choice of materials we are using, in the way we package our products or in our daily practices.

The newly introduced materials are just the start of what is coming.

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