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How to build up your business while keeping the supply chain intact.

August 14 2020

The lockdown was an extremely difficult time for business at global level.

Miga Studio created and implemented a digital system that was able to generate traffic in the optical centre and even allowed the company to increase its clientele.

Alessandro Fedalto, CEO and co-owner of Miga Studio, talked about it with WMIDO.

How did you strengthen relationships with optical centres during the pandemic?

We talked to all our clients between March and April; subsequently, we started social campaigns thanks to which our Miga Studio brand generated traffic in the optical centre and informed the opticians’ consumers about the promotional campaigns for the brand.

Total participation by our clients meant that we were able to extend the digital offer to about 50 more outlets during the lockdown by making them partners at first; from May onwards the majority became our clients.

How did opticians participate in the project?

They simply participated in the initiative by mail and we immediately began to geolocalise the campaigns.

What were the advantages for your clients?

The final-client could buy online and collect the item from the optician thereby keeping the original distribution chain intact.

What was the general outcome of the initiative?

We are at +70% since the start of the year.

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