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Hoya: new catalog from November 1

October 31 2012
Innovation and sales strategy at the service of the optical center The new Hoya catalog, "The Solution for your Vision Wellbeing", in effect from November 1, is not just a sales tool, it is also an integral part of the Optical Center strategy.   The Smart System Company in the ophthalmic sector, Hoya is convinced that today real innovation is the point at which the potential of technology intersects with the needs of the market and it continues to guarantee the excellent quality that has always distinguished the Japanese company's lenses and service. Following the approach of Augmented Reality, this year's real revolution, the new catalog is a tool for clearly highlighting the benefits of advanced products. With its wealth of useful tables, a direct and immediate comparison can be made by the eye care professional when discussing products and prices.   The most important new product is the progressive Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ lenses that ensure natural vision and freedom of movement thanks to the new technologies and two designs, Harmony and Clarity, which can be worn for a wide range of activities by new and experienced wearers. The first people to test them were especially impressed by the wider, more natural vision given by a considerable reduction in lateral distortion. LifeStyle V+ is the first lens to be created with InnoVision, the platform that promises a 2013 full of new developments.   Considerable importance is given to systems like HoyaiLog, visuReal, and Hoya APPs, the new technologies that make Hoya Center opticians active protagonists in their day-to-day business and give them the tools for innovation and differentiation. Apropos of the Hoya Center, for the first time a special version has been printed specifically for HOYA CENTER – EXCLUSIVE PARTNERS. It also contains a selection of TOP products for the more immediate sale of lenses, treatments and valuable services. Another interesting tool for salespersons that makes it extremely easy to present strategic products. Immediately easy to use and find information were among the first comments; a positive and important sign that testifies to a successful strategy for optical centers.
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