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ITS-Academy in eyewear design and technique has its first graduates

July 19 2019

They came from even as far afield as India to become junior Product Managers in the eyewear sector and on Wednesday 24 July their dreams will come true: they are the students of the ITS-Academy in Eyewear Design and Technique, a unique programme that sees them completing a two-year training and internship course begun in autumn 2017, to deservedly receive their diploma.

For an up-close view of the collections produced by the youngsters, the appointment is for 6 pm on 24 July, when an ad hoc event will officially conclude the fourth postgraduate diploma course financed by the Veneto Region and MIUR, which the Certottica Training Area is promoting under the aegis of the ITS Cosmo Foundation.

From creation to design, prototyping and industrialisation, the new project managers will inform the audience about the study phases that combined style factors and trends with the technical characteristics of eyewear, leading them to produce designer products that can be industrialised.

The ITS Academy in Eyewear Design and Technique is actually a training programme of 2000 hours, divided into 1200 hours of training and 800 of internship in the companies of the district, and it is able to forge figures prepared to tackle the challenges of contemporary competitiveness in an Industry 4.0 perspective. Testifying to this, also in this edition, is the number of students who have already found employment – 11 out of 16 – and the increasingly perceived participation of the companies that, apart from hosting the internships, support Certottica in the definition of the study programmes, aligning them with the needs of the market.

During the event, the protagonists will be the students, the teachers and the companies, who will then make way for the collections modelled by the graduates themselves in a special location in the Longarone headquarters.

The event is open to all: for further information, please contact the Certottica Training Area by writing to formazione@certottica.it or calling 0437573157.

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