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Issey Miyake once again celebrates the work of Ikko Tanaka

May 26 2023

From as early as the 60s, the creative genius of Ikko Tanaka and Issey Miyake have been closely intertwined. Miyake set out to pay homage to this bond in 2016 with the series Ikko Tanaka Issey Miyake, integrating the works of the artist.

The new Pyramid series, part of the sixth collection of the line, features pyramids and geometric arrangements as the key motifs. Pyramid is inspired by a work that Tanaka started in the 70s, featuring an equilateral triangle in the middle of a clearly defined area: strips of nuanced colour, bright and contrasting shades, and at times fascinating motifs, suggesting a methodical approach to the exploration of geometry by the artist, and leading to a series of pyramids in different arrangements.

In this incarnation, the collection uses a variety of materials and techniques, stretching beyond the mere representation of colours and prints from Tanaka’s works, and instead integrating his graphic arrangements in the actual construction of the outfits - the result of a fusion of Ikko Tanaka’s graphics and Issey Miyake’s design and garment making.

Ph: Henry Leutwyler

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