WMido - Milano Eyewear Show - February 3-5 - 2024

Kelinse Eyewear chooses MIDO to debut its sunglasses collection.

December 29 2022

Following the launch of its first eyeglasses collections in 2022, Kelinse Eyewear now adds more models to its range, again designed to rewrite the rules of the game, offering every wearer a unique and personal style.

At MIDO 2023 the brand will launch its latest innovation: its first collection of sunglasses, consisting of 4 women’s models and 2 for men, available in 6 different colours.

Also, the Milan event will see the brand present 3 new eyeglasses, in perfect harmony with the existing models and bearing the attention to design and detail for which the brand is known. The 3 new models are all in acetate and come in 6 colours, some of which are already offered by the brand for existing items while others are completely new.

The team of Kelinse designers developed the new collection, focusing on production quality combined with the brand’s constant and distinctive features such as originality and elegance, which make their eyewear perfect for those who wish to stand out from the crowd.

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