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Komono’s “Nothing To Hide” 2023 campaign.

August 22 2022

Since 2009, Komono leads innovation and contemporary design in the world of accessories - watches and eyewear - with its inspirational style, stunning colour palette and forward-thinking design. Deeply rooted in the Antwerp fashion arena and renowned for its unique and radical vision, the brand makes the avantgarde more achievable.

The products are designed from the brand studio in Antwerp and the frames are made from the highest-quality materials: whether it be acetate, made from natural materials such as wood and cotton or leather, extracted from the finest cow and calf hides. Komono materials are responsibly and ecologically sourced to offer the best quality available. Furthermore, from 2022 onwards all the new collections will be made from fully eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Komono believes that we all collectively have a responsibility to progress towards a more sustainable future.

By the end of September, Komono will present the 2023’s campaign: Nothing To Hide, sequel to the 2022 Come As You Are campaign.

With Nothing To Hide, the brand celebrates and accentuates each one’s unique personality. Rather than offering people eyewear as a ‘shield of anonymity’ to hide behind, Komono empowers everybody to be themselves unapologetically, letting the world see clearly who one is.

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