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L.G.R.'s solidarity initiatives to combat the Coronavirus emergency

May 8 2020

In full awareness of how today, above all, it is forward-looking, as well as necessary, for entrepreneurs to be socially responsible, L.G.R has chosen to take action through a solidarity initiative addressed to two associations that engage daily in the battle against Covid-19 : the Misericordia di Firenze and the Salvamamme Association.

To the volunteers who work within these two institutions, L.G.R has donated large and very wrapping glasses, made with the accuracy and craftsmanship of all time, guaranteeing additional protection to the eyes, which are a very sensitive area for this virus.

50 pairs of glasses have been destined for the ambulance drivers of the Misericordia di Firenze, the oldest Italian private voluntary institution, which has been alongside the Florentines, every day, for over 7 centuries since its foundation (1244), with its emergency rescue service.

50 pairs have gone to volunteers from the Salvamamme Association, who support families in difficulty. This institution has been operating in Rome for over 15 years, intervening in moments of solitude and abandonment of mothers and families in conditions of socio-economic hardship. The former situations were already critical, yet have been exasperated by the effects of the pandemic on the economy. Salvamamme with its volunteers carries out punctual solidarity initiatives, through the collection of food, clothes and medicines, delivered every day to the elderly, the sick and fragile families.

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