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L.G.R. takes a chance on Milan

November 22 2017
L.G.R. has opened its first single-brand store in Milan, in the Brera district on Corso Garibaldi. The single-brand store brings “Ottica Bini” to the heart of Milan, the optician’s that Raffaello Bini, the grandfather of the brand’s founder and CEO Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, owned in Asmara (Eritrea, Africa) during the Italian colonial period. In a 100m2 space, the store is spread over two floors, and its predominant colours are sandy, green and turquoise tones. Standing out on the walls are a photo of “Ottica Bini”, a portrait of the grandfather, and the writing “Inspired by Africa, handmade in Italy”: the references to Africa are still there, proof of the strong bond that L.G.R. has with its origins. The coconut and durmast-oak furnishings make for a warm and welcoming ambiance.
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