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La Martina awards Jet Set Group the licence for its new line of eyewear.

December 29 2020

La Martina - a well-known brand that has strong links with the passions and values associated with polo and is now present also in the lifestyle segment - has signed an agreement with Jet Set Group for the manufacture and distribution of its new lifestyle line of sunglasses and prescription glasses.

The strategy

A project that stems from La Martina's desire to integrate different product categories and redefine product conception in order to guarantee an increasingly diverse and complete offer for its clients.

Through various product lines that celebrate love for the brand and are designed to meet the needs of every client, La Martina has introduced an eyewear category to its collections thanks to the partnership with Jet Set Group.

In fact the collaboration was the natural outcome of an agreement between two companies that share the same values: the constant pursuit of excellence and attention to the quality of a high-end product.

The result is a licencing collaboration that was signed at the end of 2020 and will debut this year with the launch of the La Martina Eyewear collection of sun and prescription glasses. Because of its premium positioning it will be distributed to concept stores and specialist outlets. 

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