Lens cleaning sprays as tools for conveying optical centre value

May 28 2020
The current emergency situation has made lens cleaning not only a necessity for vision health and protection but also a valid support for the optical centre. Fedon has met this need by creating ad hoc products.
Three types of sprays for cleaning lenses: a good habit for eye health
The proper maintenance of lenses for prescription and sun glasses is essential for prolonging the life of eyeglasses and protecting the wearer’s eyesight. In fact, damaged lenses do not guarantee correct vision and, over time, they could even harm eyesight. For the appropriate care of lenses, the Group proposes three types of liquid sprays that meet all cleaning requirements: anti-fog, antibacterial and multipurpose. The correct and regular use of a lens cleaning spray with a microfibre cloth protects lenses from scratching and guarantees protection against dust and microparticles of dirt that could cause eye irritation and redness.
All the cleaning liquids meet the highest standards and comply with EC regulation 648/2004.
Spray Flat, Lens Cleaner and Paros for cleaning lenses
The company has increased the range of accessories for cleaning lenses with Spray Flat, the spray bottle that features innovative flat packaging the size of a magnetic card, which is pocket-sized and convenient to carry. It can be customised with the store’s logo and comes complete with a transparent case and a customisable microfibre cloth.
Lens Cleaner is an elegant, refillable spray bottle that can be reused as a handy perfume container when travelling; available with a microfibre pouch or the exclusive semi-rigid Paros case, ideal for keeping the lens cleaning kit always to hand.
Conveying value with cleaning accessories
The customisation of the lens cleaning spray will strengthen the image of the optical store. Indeed, customising the bottle with a logo takes the utmost advantage of the spray’s potential for communication and will be remembered by customers.
Fedon also offers its clients an actual lens cleaning manual that comes with all the sprays in the Mr. Klar line. The text can also be printed on microfibre cloths for cleaning lenses: a useful gift that will be a reminder for the next purchase!
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