Look - Made in Italia: an entirely Italian production

March 6 2020

From its inception in 1978 Look- made in Italia has chosen to keep production in Italy to guarantee its products and protect its consumers. The raw materials suppliers, who are carefully selected, allow the company to create, design and make glasses entirely made in Italy, in full compliance with the UE 2017/745 regulations for frames and UE 2016/45 regulations for sunglasses. Look – made in Italia products are all non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contain no dangerous substances, in compliance with the CE 1907/2006 regulation (REACH).

“Compliance with the REACH regulations puts health at the centre of all our operations and allows everyone who wears our glasses to be protected by the chemical safety of the product compared to frames made in countries outside of the European Union where there may not be precise regulations in place restricting potentially dangerous substances for consumer health” states Vittore Tormen, CEO of the company that produces glasses with the Lookkino, Look and Materika brands.

Some examples: the cellulose acetate plastic material used for the frames is entirely produced by an Italian company in Italy; the cases that come with the glasses are purchased from Italian suppliers who supply the company with exclusively Italian and European produced articles; communication and POP material is printed in Italy using only FSC certified paper with solar energy powered equipment.

“We are convinced today more than ever that traceability is the right choice. Furthermore, ISO 9001 certification of the internal production processes and quality tests on both raw material and the finished product, carried out internally and externally at certified and internationally accredited bodies, allow us to constantly guarantee an excellent standard of quality. Only in this way can we always meet expectations, safeguard and protect our customers” concludes Tormen.

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