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Lozza eyewear designed by Mika - an idea for a Christmas gift

November 27 2013
X-Factor's highly acclaimed new judge has designed a special edition of two models of sunglasses for the past two seasons Still available in certain select outlets, the Special Edition eyewear designed by Mika for Lozza is an exclusive idea for a Christmas gift.   Accustomed to ranking high in charts throughout the world, and now a highly acclaimed judge at X Factor this year, Mika has successfully passed the challenging test of being an eyewear designer for Lozza for two seasons, creating two models of sunglasses that revisit the brand's heritage with an original approach.   As the result of extensive research and expert handcrafting skills, Lozza proposes genuine collection pieces made of precious materials, such as wood. A sophisticated and refined style that is beautifully conveyed even in the leather packaging, whose shape and material recall period suitcases.   Having always been fascinated by movie stars – as we can see in his first hit single, Grace Kelly – Mika is inspired by some scenes of old movies and by famous actors, such as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, who used eyewear as a seductive accessory. Hence, Lozza's latest sunglasses by Mika are charged with a unique poetic concept. A secret message is engraved on the inside of the temples, only to be revealed to the right person at the right time.
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