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Luxottica and Versace together to tackle COVID-19 among employees in Italy.

August 4 2021
Luxottica and Versace announced that Luxottica will share part of its robust COVID-19 prevention, detection and research program in Italy with Versace in the country. A successful element of the program revolves around active surveillance and risk management.


The objective is to detect infected individuals, even asymptomatic, through swab testing of risk profiled employees. This program, which was developed in conjunction with the University of Padua, will now be adopted by Versace.

Luxottica’s research surveliance program

Over the past six months, Luxottica has built an expansive model within its facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among its employees. From reconfiguring the flow of the plant to shipping masks to employees’ homes and families to staggered shifts and temperature checks, Luxottica has invested substantial resources to protect its people and create a safe workplace during this difficult period.

One key aspect of the company’s open preventative model is a swab testing program under the scientific coordination of the Department of Molecular Medicine directed by Professor Andrea Crisanti at the University of Padua.

Supported by a significant contribution from the Leonardo Del Vecchio Foundation, the University created a new COVID-19 Laboratory capable of processing up to a maximum of 40,000 diagnostic tests per month.

The evolution of the project

Now, Luxottica and the University of Padua will expand the research surveliance program to Luxottica’s key partners in Italy, the first of which will be Versace. Versace employees will now have access to a voluntarily swab test to detect the presence of coronavirus.

This model will help Versace, with whom Luxottica has had a business relationship for over 17 years, to prevent outbreaks within its company and promote a healthy workforce.

The first phase of the project, which started in July, involves the company’s employees from the Milan and Novara offices with a second swab campaign for the fall.

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