WMIDO - Milano Eyewear Show - February 4-5-6 - 2023

MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition, lounges and rooms for debate and business.

June 5 2021

A place for meetings and insights into topics of interest ‒ the lounges are part of the MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition ‒ they will welcome industry professionals and experts for an exchange of experiences. At the same time, the rooms will host the company events, with their guests and buyers and the appointments that will be scheduled by Mido.   

Three topics are scheduled in the lounges where companies and guests can discuss and share ideas and experiences ‒ 3 set titles during the three days of the show, all dedicated to the Italian trade associations.

Inside the rooms five appointments will be dedicated mainly to the more international MIDO audience.

Inside the dedicated platform, users enter, choose a table discussion theme, reserve a place and they can join the discussion during the times scheduled for the conversation.

The recurring themes across the three days are:

  • Sustainable development (international table): trade professionals debate the topic of the day; best practices and case histories on how industry companies deal with the environmental impacts of production and distribution, diversity in their companies, corporate wellbeing and areas impacted by sustainable development ‒ economical, social and environmental.
  • From Covid to the future (international table): participants relate their stories of resilience and success: turning obstacles into opportunities. Companies that found themselves paralyzed by Covid found various way to maintain their market presence ‒ they will share their experiences at this table.
  • Youth and the industry (Italian table): the new generations in eyewear, who are the industry’s future, sit down to talk about opportunities, careers in the supply chain and their thoughts on the economy.

Schedule of the other themed tables organized by MIDO in the rooms:

JUNE 5th:

- Consumers of the future (international table)

JUNE 6th:

- Trends in materials (international table)

JUNE 7th

- Eyecare Commission Focus: “watch out” for the children! (Italian table)

- Trends in eyewear (international table)

- Continuing education (Italian table)

All updates will be available on line on the event website www.mido.com and on the official social channels: Instagram (@mido_exhibition), Facebook (@MIDOExhibition), Twitter (@MIDOExhibition) and LinkedIn and through the official App.

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