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MIDO 2022: a lively melting pot of conferences, awards and industry surveys.

May 1 2022

Wondering what the not-to-be-missed highlights of day 2 at MIDO 2022 were? The Otticlub space hosted a wealth of presentations. The high point was the conference organized by Federottica with MIDO in collaboration with the Bocconi University entitled "The new omni-channel scenarios and the challenges for opticians and manufacturers" that focused on the upcoming challenges that will affect optical centers and businesses alike in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world.

Also presented were the findings of WGSN's "Future Consumer 2023" survey, which outlines the current scenario, strongly impacted by the global experience of the last two years, and GFK's survey "Optics and online channels: Italy and the leading EU countries compared", which shows that such channels are growing, but the optical centers are a clear winner in the post-pandemic period as well.

Today the much-awaited award ceremonies of the BeStore and Stand Up for Green MIDO AWARDS were held in the Fashion District square. The BeStore Award, bestowed every year on those optical centers that stand out in the global eyewear industry, was presented this afternoon by MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni in the Fashion District square. The winner of the award in the Design category is the Indice store, located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, also known as the "Queen of the Dolomites", which was selected for its exceptional concept and layout as well as for its careful design and furnishings that help bring to life an unforgettable environment.

The Mumbai-based Classic Vision store was awarded the BeStore Innovation award, for its cutting-edge customer service and interaction, but also for its communication skills, professional ethics, human values and emotional intelligence. Classic Vision is an optical center capable of catering to a broad range of diverse customer needs and is focused on inclusiveness and advanced technological tools.

MIDO also hosts an absolute novelty this year: the first Stand Up For Green award ceremony. The winner is Good's, a Italian exhibitor who stood out for the best store construction in terms of reusable structural elements and materials meant to minimize its environmental impact. Indeed, recycled materials from restoration sites and plexiglass elements that will be recovered and reused have been used to build the stand.

"In 2019, MIDO initiated the ISO 20121 certification process. ISO 20121 is an internationally recognized standard that certifies the sustainability of events based on three key factors: their environmental, social and economic impact. Shows like MIDO, which regularly draw crowds of attendees, have a social, economic and environmental impact. As show organizers, we have both the opportunity and the duty to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing the awareness of our exhibitors, suppliers and visitors and turn them into sustainability ambassadors," as President Giovanni Vitaloni said.

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