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Timberland Marcolin

Marcolin and Timberland: together for another 5 years.

May 10 2022

Marcolin and TBL Licensing LLC have extended their licensing agreement for the design, production and worldwide distribution of Timberland optical frames and sunglasses.

The partnership, originally signed in 2003, has now been early renewed for a further five years until December 2026, consolidating the strong relationship between the two companies.

Marcolin embraces the values of Timberland.

Marcolin creates eyewear collections that respect ihe heritage of the brand. The range includes responsible styles made by using bio-based materials for a reduced environmental impact. Most of the sunglasses and optical frames contain at least 35% to a maximum of 80% bio-based content and have earned the coveted EarthkeepersTM designation. EarthkeepersTM, started as a collection in 2007, has evolved into an overarching philosophy that serves as a pathfinder for the Timberland® brand, from its commitment to protect and restore the outdoors, to improve social conditions globally, and find ways to make products more responsibly.

The web platform Treedom

As a signal of their long-lasting partnership, Marcolin and Timberland are also teaming up with the web platform Treedom for the planting of trees and forests worldwide. Within this global initiative, Marcolin has committed to plant over 10,000 trees by 2023, in alignment with Timberland’s longstanding tree planting efforts, with 12,000+ planted to date, and counting.
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