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Mido: May 6 to 9, 2005 once again in the Fiera Milano- Portello pavilions

February 2 2005

Mido, the leading international eyewear show, which will take place May 6th to 9th in the familiar setting of the Portello pavilions at the Fiera Milano exhibition grounds, is ready with a dynamic slate of activities and promotional services in support of exhibiting firms. One of these is the development of new themed areas devoted to special product segments, as well as the constant expansion of existing thematic spaces.

Reconfirmed in its traditional venue for 2005, Mido will occupy exhibit halls 13, 14 (I, II), 15 (I, II), 16 (I, II) and 19 at Fiera Milano's Portello facility, and will follow the usual four-day calendar of events with opening hours from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m,, and an early closing on Monday May 9th, at 4 p.m.

Kids will dominate attention at this year's Mido. In fact, a new themed area devoted exclusively to the younger set will be located in the connector between halls 15 and 16. A unique showcase, similar to the one featuring sports eyewear, will present the products designed just for the world of children. Mido steps up to the plate once again, showing eyewear professionals it can anticipate changes in consumer needs and then shape itself to meet those needs, while still keeping in mind new market trends. Mido Kids arises out of the aim to define an image space set aside for all the best products for children: spectacle frames, sunglasses, lenses and cases.

'Each year we present something new. It's crucial that we foresee changes in the market. Sports eyewear was the highlight of 2004, and 2005 will be devoted to kids!' - stated Cirillo Marcolin, President of Mido - 'In fact, our strategy is clear, to offer new stimuli and incentives to those firms interested in an increasingly customized kind of promotion. At the same time, it makes navigating the show easier for visitors by pointing out the areas dedicated to specific sectors. We started with two exhibit areas set aside for trendsetters (Mido Trend) and the technological cutting edge (Mido Tech), and went on to develop high-profile areas showing products and the booth coordinates of their manufacturers only, designed to display sports related items (Mido Sport) and, starting this year, also for children (Mido Kids)'.

Mido is a work in progress, a trade fair in a constant state of transformation, intent on optimizing available exhibition space and expanding, year by year, the array of services offered. It's no coincidence that Mido Education, after its auspicious beginning last year, with more than 400 enrolled, offers 30 exclusive, high-level courses, to meet the real needs for information and professional updating of Italian and foreign opticians. In this, it can count on the cooperation of the most authoritative partners on the Italian and international optical training scene, trade associations and providers of medical continuing education.

Last year the show celebrated sports eyewear with the inauguration of Mido Sport, a style-setting area focused on eyewear and technical lenses made for various recreational activities. For the 2005 event, Mido Sport will be open to visitors along the connector between halls 14 and 15. Diverse solutions will be on display, targeting every kind of sports activity, and will include everything from lenses to frames, goggles to helmets, and cases.

The two time-tested special areas, Mido Trend and Mido Tech, are still at the industry's core; fashion, trends and cutting edge technology are juxtaposed with the mechanics, technology, and machinery, seemingly extraneous, but really indispensable, to fashion -- in order to lend shape to the best and most daring glamour offerings.

Many other innovations will be unveiled over the next few months. Built upon a strong tradition of analysis and experience, they promise to arouse everyone's interest - industry professionals, buyers, and journalists, who never miss the most expected event in the industry.

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