Mido: when sport becomes a show

May 14 2004

One of the reasons for the success of the 34th edition of Mido was without doubt Mido Sport, the new area dedicated to eyewear and specific lenses for sports and presented for the first time by a fair in the sector.

Pavilion 13/II, transformed into a huge 'eye' with a pupil at the center, a privileged viewpoint and reception area symbolizing the images transmitted on the big surrounding screens, displayed the most innovative examples of specific lenses and eyewear divided into the three theme areas - sea, mountains and land - and set in a context where sport became a show. On Friday and Saturday and at intervals of one hour for a total of six hours every day, exhibitions by young athletes and the two shows by Kataklò (the dance company composed of national and international athletes) were received enthusiastically by visitors whose numbers continued to increase over the three days.

With street-dancing, the spectacular movements of the bikers, and the Kataklò's incredible rotations that defy the laws of gravity and the limits of the human body, for three days Pavilion 13 captured the attention of visitors to Mido who were able to 'experience' sport in an involving atmosphere rich in images and appeal, where an emotional relationship was created between the event and the product itself, and which called to the attention the thousands of reasons - technical, instinctive, aesthetic, functional - that lead up to the choice of certain glasses or a certain lens.

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