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Mirage's commitment to sustainability continues.

May 26 2021

Investments in advanced equipment and in energy efficient processes that contribute to a more sustainable use of resources and with a reduced impact on the environment; continuous research and development of new raw materials to produce sustainable, recycled and recyclable sunglasses; training of the personnel for a more ethical behavior at work: Mirage Occhiali has been designing and producing premium injected sunglasses for over 40 years and has been, for some time, an enterprise culture that promotes and supports sustainability.

A behavior that anticipated the time, when 7 years ago the company chose to invest in the first totally electric machinery, reducing the consumption of polluting factors such as oil preferring renewable sources like electricity. Today, 33% of the injection machines are in fact completely electric, with a 98.7% of saving in crude oils compared to the traditional manufacturing equipment.

The molds themselves are cooled with a free cooling system or with chillers that use air to cool down the temperature in place of traditional refrigerators.

Moreover, a solar panel system allows Mirage to produce the 50% of the energy needs, while the rest of the energy comes from 100% renewable sources.

“We have been adopting a green behavior for a while because being sensitive to ethical and environmental themes is innate for us” – Cristiano Milone, Mirage CEO, declares – “One year ago we decided to start the procedure for the UNI EN ISO 14001:15 while recently we activated a project for verifying the carbon footprint of the whole manufacturing cycle; the results of this research will be available at the end of the year.

At the same time, we select the business partners we choose to work with, preferring the ones that share our same values”.

Among the various steps that Mirage is taking for a greener business management, there are fully electric internal means of transportation, 100% LED lights, metal water bottles supply to all employees and electric cooling and heating system.

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