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Mirage Italia donates 50 protective eyewear to Ryders Onlus

April 15 2020

Ryder Onlus, a Lazio Region accredited non-profit organisation that provides integrated home care for patients with respiratory failure, cancer or who are frail and elderly, can now work in safety thanks to an invaluable donation by Mirage Occhiali, a Lombardy company that has been operating in the eyewear sector for over 60 years. 

Ryder Onlus has just received protective eyewear that will protect its operators when they are working with people who rely either partly or totally on assistance. 

In Italy at this time most doctors and nurses are caring for patients with COVID-19, but there are some healthcare professionals who continue to help patients with other diseases, especially in their homes. Support from the Ryder Onlus healthcare professionals was at risk because of the lack of this protective equipment, which exposed them and their patients to the risk of infection. 

At a time of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing, requests for help increase considerably and, without personal protective equipment such as goggles, it cannot be given in safety. Thanks to the donation by Mirage Occhiali, it is at last possible to implement home care activities and the support for families.

Established in the ‘60s thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Negri and her husband Carmine Milone, Mirage Occhiali was the first company to research and then introduce to the optics market the now well-known Grilamid TR90, a nylon that revolutionised the eyewear sector in the early ‘80s. A member of ANFAO (Italian Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers) and regular exhibitor at the MIDO-MILANO EYEWEAR SHOW, the most important international event dedicated to the eyewear industry, MIRAGE operates in the field of sustainability and social responsibility and, like other Italian companies, it is converting its manufacturing processes to the production of equipment that will protect our country at this time characterised by considerable medical, economic and social problems. 

Since 1984, Ryder Italia has provided free assistance for over 5,500 families It has a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, psychotherapists and healthcare operators who provide home care for the sick (when necessary, they can be reached 24 hours a day, including public holidays) and support for families. All services are provided free of charge and to make this possible Ryder Italia depends on the invaluable donations of supporters who, over the years, have made it possible to start and expand its work.

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