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Mokki’s tangible commitment to the child segment.

July 31 2020

Mokki of Scandinavia was created 30 years ago. Since then, the company has grown and has received various accolades, including the recent Red Dot Brand & Communication 2020 Award - baby et children brand.

In this interview, Company owner and designer Moshe Ohana describes his vision of eyewear for children.

Can you tell us about the structure of your commitment to the creation of eyewear for children?

Click & Change, our system for sunglasses, is based on an article I read a few years ago, in 2014 to be precise, which talked about the tendency to use only polarized lenses in glasses for children.
It was a way of marketing eyewear for this segment that was incorrect and wrong: the daily use of polarized lenses by children between 0 and 5 years of age is a mistake.

At that age the eyes are still developing and the daily use of polarized lenses slows down development and could also lead to lazy eye.

For this reason, since 2015 I have substituted all polarized lenses with BB Pigment lenses that are based on the same pigment that children produce in their eyes. We use a special powder to make them.
Since then I have undertaken to get to know parents in Norway in order to understand what children really need and for the first time allowmothers to feel sure that they have made the right choice for the eyes of their child.

While still making eyewear oriented towards aesthetics, I began working on and designing a product that would include the needs of the child and the mother.

What direction are your children’s glasses taking, and sunglasses in particular?

My mission is to let mothers all over the world know that Mokki glasses are the best for their child and the health of their eyes! The content we aim for is the combination of health, awareness, fair trade, comfort, quality and innovation. We would like to help parents make healthy choices for their children by making them aware.

What will you present at MIDO 2021?

The complete Mokki Click & Change concept and also the new modelfor children from 8 to 12 years of age, which offers the same guarantee of health and protection as well as meeting all the needs of adolescents.

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