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More than 80 brands on hand at the 8TH edition of DaTE.

September 10 2020

More than 80 brands will display their latest innovations at the 8th edition of DaTE, scheduled for September 19-21 at the Stazione Leopolda di Firenze.

For these small and medium-sized artisan businesses from Italy and abroad, experimentation and innovation are like a value-added badge of honor. The complete list of exhibitors is available starting today on the show website: https://dateyewear.com/exhibitors/.

Realized thanks to the support of ICE the digital platform to virtually meet foreign and Italian buyers

A digital platform also developed with the support of ITA (Italian Trade&Investment Agency) will ensure everyone can participate by allowing exhibitors to virtually meet with international and Italian buyers who are unable to visit Florence.

They can familiarize with the exhibiting brands and schedule appointments on line with company representatives. The link to the platform will soon go live on line and be announced through DaTE social media channels: www.instagram.com/dateyewear/ and https://it-it.facebook.com/DateEyewearOfficial/

The words of DaTE President Giovanni Vitaloni

“We are extremely pleased with the keen interest and participation initially demonstrated by our exhibitors, and now by visitors. Just a week after registration opened, the numbers have fueled our hopes. The digital platform, developed with the support of ITA, ensures that no one misses out on the opportunity to visit DaTE, to do business and to stay up to date on the latest products. It is now an essential tool for tradeshow events that we count on adapting to also bring to MIDO.”

The arrangements for anti-contagion safety

In recent weeks, the DaTE organizers have been busy finalizing all the arrangements for anti-contagion safety.

Everyone will have their temperature taken at the entrance; wearing protective masks will be mandatory inside the exhibit area; entrances and exits will be through two separate doorways; stands will be set up with disinfectant gel for hand sanitization; normal cleaning activities in the common areas have been intensified; entrance will be allowed only with a digital badge, available to download free on the website at time of registration.

During accreditation, visitors are also required to indicate the days on which they intend to visit the show.

Information and updates are available on the dateyewear.com website and social media profiles www.instagram.com/dateyewear/ and https://it-it.facebook.com/DateEyewearOfficial/.

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