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Mormaii: two new athletes as testimonials for Amazonia project

December 23 2009

Werner Heel of the Italian national ski team and Steven Nyman of the US national ski team are the testimonials for the Amazonia Project. They will wear Mormaii eyewear from the Amazonia collection, whose proceeds will be partly allocated to a project for saving and maintaining the forests of Amazonia, a major source of oxygen the planet needs to survive.

During the Olympics and World Cup Trials Heel will always wear Amazonia eyewear and, at the end of the season, he will attempt to bring the cold and snow of the mountains closer to the sun and warmth of the sea. The athlete has never surfed before but, thanks to the collaboration of SurfToLive, he will undertake to ride the waves for one week with an instructor. This initiative aims to promote the Amazonia Project and thank Mormaii - the eyewear company created for surfing - for its commitment to protecting the Amazonian forests. For this reason Heel will be supported by one of the Mormaii Surf Champions.
Obviously, Steven Nyman will wear Amazonia eyewear at the Olympics and the World Cup and when the season is over he will cross the Atlantic ocean on a kite-surf (or at least he’ll try to complete as many miles as possible and keep away from sharks). Being one of the world’s leading companies in the surfing sector, Mormaii will provide him with all the technical equipment
We bring the snow and cold of the mountains closer to the sun and warmth of the sea. The athletes will carry out these trials to promote the Amazonia Project. They will surf to thank Mormaii, which was born for surfing, for its commitment to the Amazonia Project.


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