Moscot adv campaign celebrates the ‘70s.

September 16 2021

Moscot presents Fall-Winter 2021 campaign and collection with 6 new frame styles as an ode to the quirky artistry and its bold expression of our downtown roots and fellow New Yorkers.

The new campaign captures colorful vignettes of intimate moments and celebrates the unapologetic escapism of everyday rituals. Styled back to the ‘70s with influences of today’s modern flare, the campaign serves as a time capsule to the past and a ticket to the future.

“Just as the small nuances of our own environments shape our lives, the intricate details serve as the foundation of the collection,” shares Chief Design Officer and 5th Generation Zack Moscot. He adds, “whether it’s through the delicate striped metal texturing on our new aviator—The SHAV, or the subtle yet dramatic cat-eye curves of The FRAYDA, these new frames share a unique balance between modern details and heritage design”.

Set in an exaggerated and kitschy rendition of Grandma Sylvia Moscot’s living room, the campaign was shot in the iconic Orchard Street gallery that has served the loyal and eclectic Moscot community for decades. The transformative space has taken form as a stage for up-and-coming musicians, a hangout for legendary Lower East Siders, and features a salon wall of past and present icons who don Moscot frames.
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