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Neubau Eyewear draws inspiration from the four elements of nature.

January 14 2021

With a focus on respect for nature and for its resources, the new advertising campaign of Neubau Eyewear has been inspired by the four its elements, utilizing the paradox of nature’s resilience and fragility to create new eyewear styles for 2021.

In settings ranging from the warm glow of the desert to a green oasis, models showcase the sustainable premium collections against the unmistakable backdrop of South Africa. The striking visuals are the result of a collaboration with German fashion photographer Nadia von Scotti, who lives in South Africa.

The new collections

The year the brand will launch four new collections - Water, Air, Fire and Earth - conveying its clear attitude and streamlined vision for the year. The brand is presenting a mix of sunglasses and optical models that incorporate innovative design and avantgarde elements.

High-quality, sustainable materials and soft color palettes are what set the styles apart. While muted earthy tones, pastels and off-colors reflect the natural lightness and ease that the collection stands for, the frames impress with a minimalist, but expressive style. By using bio-based materials like naturalPX and natural3D, along with resource-efficient production methods, Neubau is once again emphasizing its own pioneering spirit.

Timeless stainless-steel frames perfectly round off the collections. All designs combine flexibility, stability, resilience, durability, and comfort.

The launch

The collections will be available throughout the year as follows: Water from January 2021, Air from April 2021, Fire from July 2021, and Earth from October 2021.

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