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Neubau strengthens its green credo and focuses on social responsibility.

August 7 2020

Nina Froestl, Global Marketing Manager of Neubau, eco-friendly brand of the Silhouette group, explains to WMIDO the different facets of sustainable style that has always characterized this reality.

On which direction is the vision for the future of your brand focused?

Our vision is to bring more premium to the people. Because we believe that premium is the best way to care about our planet.

At neubau eyewear we aim for the highest eco-friendly standards and use sustainable and innovative materials for comfortable all-day wear. We want to create glasses with a distinct design that stands out from the masses.

What tools do you use to develop your sustainability strategy?

Our Research and Development department is constantly working on new materials and production methods.

We still aim to reduce our carbon footprint, make production as efficient as possible and increase the share of sustainable materials within our product range.

Could you better explain your concept of social responsibility?

As an Austrian family-owned business Silhouette International focuses on local production and offers over 700 workspaces at its HQ in Linz, Austria. Our company has initiated several social projects, such as a local daycare for our employees’ children, or an eye care hospital in Africa for people who need eye surgery or examinations.

In our marketing materials, products, manufacturing and 3rd party programmes, we always think about our social and ecological responsibility as a company and as a brand in every way.

We know we are not perfect yet, but we challenge ourselves day by day.

What will you present at MIDO 2021?

Our new special edition, which will be all about our blue planet.

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