New Boss Orange contest on Facebook “

May 17 2011

Every day a pair of eyeglasses will be drawn for the lucky winner of the “See it funky” contest promoted by Boss Orange and on Facebook May 9 through 29. This online competition takes users from France, Germany, Italy and Spain on a discovery of a new “boring” city to be looked at from a “funky” perspective with the new Boss Orange sun and vision eyewear.

To visit the districts of the new city, users of the blesstheboring.com website can download the application and register. In addition to the eyewear from the new collection that can be won every day, the competition continues in the days immediately afterward: if users visit another district they will have another chance to be picked; by visiting a third district and ending their virtual tour, they can take part in the draw for a fantastic trip to Barcelona for two.

The invitation reflects the “Bless the boring, See it funky” campaign, a search for a new point of view that replaces the usual boring vision of the world with a funky one.

The new Boss Orange collection reflects the brand’s young and fashion-oriented spirit in line with the very latest trends in style. With vintage appeal and urban inspiration, the young and irresistible spirit of the new models captivate by mixing different styles with original color combinations and unmistakable details. An unconventional spirit inspired by “classic cool”.


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