New Jean Paul Gaultier sun collection 2006

September 22 2005

Model SJP013SThe new Jean Paul Gaultier sun collection by De Rigo Vision, which will be launched at the next Silmo, has audacious models dictated by a free, independent and sophisticated style.

Exuberant and innovative, the shapes of the women's eyewear are unusual and attractive. Lightweight, bright metal is used for the front-piece in which the milled nylon bar stands out from the top rim and continues seamlessly with the temples to create a seductive feline look. Open and innovative structures reinvent the eyewear components in models with three bridges and elements that appear to break all the rules.

Model SJP504A shower of rhinestones makes this pilot model feminine and mischievous, while the Jungle pattern taken from the fabrics in the fashion collection unmistakably distinguishes the proposals in acetate. Warm and full-bodied, the generous front-pieces are sculpted in plastic in different thicknesses. Lightweight and colorful masks have temples and front-pieces with metal studs that become sophisticated and attractive elements joining the temples and ends. The logo is always the protagonist and is elegantly printed on bridges or ironically repeated with amusingly complicit 'logo-mania' on the temples.

Model SJP004Astute and ironic, the Jean Paul Gaultier man chooses original eyewear to express his eclectic and continually evolving taste. Metal is superimposed by, alternates with, or is drowned in plastic, creating unexpected combinations that convey lightness, comfort and a decisive character. On the temples, the symbol of a spring is a metaphorical reference to flex hinge, a subtle intertwining of the decorative and functional. The front piece is a deep oval or tight rectangle with the logo engraved in metal or screen-printed on transparent acetate.

Model SJP505Gutsy and irreverent constructions in metal for sculpted and airy unisex glasses whose lenses appear to be suspended in the frame thanks to an invisible side attachment. The forked temples and the double bridges emphasize lightness and the aesthetically futuristic and technically excellent construction, while the use of polarizing lenses and Nxt guarantee vision comfort.

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