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New campaign for Transitions Optical

May 19 2014
Protagonists of the new advertisements include three successful eye care professionals who talk about their experiences Transitions Optical, the world leader for dynamic lenses, has launched a European ad campaign featuring successful eye care professionals who talk about their experiences and the reasons they recommend Transitions lenses to their customers every day. Experts in the sector who can testify better than anyone else to the importance of Transitions lenses for the success of their own business and that of their colleagues.   Hall of fame Transitions Optical boasts an extensive and consolidated base of loyal professionals who widely recommend that their customers use Transitions lenses. Opticians and optometrists who know about the added value of this type of lens and that in their daily experience over 95% of Transitions lens wearers are pleased and satisfied. For the new campaign Transitions Optical asked 24 eye care professionals from ten different countries to talk about their successes thanks to Transitions lenses. They are the "successful professionals" portrayed in the new communication visuals as Transitions' most important testimonials. Professionals who are highly esteemed in the sector, have successful businesses and loyal, devoted customers. They express many viewpoints about Transitions. Some underscore product benefits and characteristics: "Comfort, clarity, practicality and protection. Transitions has everything you need in a lens!". Other comments are about customer satisfaction: "Who wouldn't recommend the best? This is why our customers keep coming back to us year after year". Others talk about their own experience linked to a need for quality: "I myself wear them every day, so I must suggest that my customers also have the best". As far as Italy is concerned, 3 successful eye care professionals share their experiences with Transitions lenses: Amedeo P. Lissoni (Occhial House, Milan), Massimo Domizi (Ottica Mancini, Ancona) and Francesco Folletto (Dolceroma, Rome). "I'm dedicated to my customers' eyes. I want only the best!", Lissoni said. Domizi stated: "If you want your business to be profitable you must have satisfied customers!". "The lenses don't just look nice in new frames. They are fantastic!", Francesco Folletto declared.   Sharing experience The new communication campaign is an extensive project that urges eye care professionals to share their business experiences.   All Transitions "supporters" can be contacted by their colleagues and are available to offer them information and advice. The spirit of the new campaign is fittingly summed up in the words of Stéphane Bollengier, an optician in the city of Uccle near Brussels, Belgium: "I sell Transitions lenses because I talk to my customers about them. You have to suggest the choice to them!"   The recommendation seems to be clear. Perhaps it seems too simple or challenging, but in effect very often Transitions lenses' first obstacle is simply the fact that consumers have never heard of them and are unaware of their benefits.
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