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New equipment for simulating aging

July 1 2005

Durability can be analyzed by the laboratory simulation of particular environmental conditions to which samples of various materials can be subjected. These tests can be classified as environmental simulations or accelerated degradation.

The simulations involve the definition of different parameters (temperature, relative and absolute humidity, air composition and flow, light conditions, and so on) and treatment cycles, and they are set as a function of the problems to be examined.

Maximum accuracy and replication are the two requirements of a climatic chamber. And compliance with international standards. The climatic chamber recently acquired by the Certottica laboratory is ideal for all tests in a very wide variety of applications.

The new equipment gives the most precise temperatures and humidity levels without condensation. The control of humidification and dehumidification handled by a microprocessor guarantees a humidity range of 10% to 98%. The system uses tap water only, thus avoiding the drawbacks of treated water.

It is the ideal equipment for dependable incubation above or below environmental temperatures and power reserves are assured by the huge range of temperatures: -70°C to +180°C (without humidity).

With this new equipment, Certottica can guarantee in-house product tests at high and low temperatures, thermal shock and humidity tests with the parameters and values that are established by the national and international reference standards.

Worthy of special note is its ability to reach such low temperatures, a characteristic that is uncommon in many instruments. Tests are being carried out on bob helmets and snowmobile goggles.

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