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New version of Modular furnishing system by concept-s

January 27 2005

The German company concept-s has broadened and updated its Modular furnishing system. Modular is composed of a series of avant-garde components, constructed with intelligence and advanced technology, which may be directly assembled by the optician.

The range includes shelving, desks, drawer units, eyewear displays and window displays. Acrylic wall panels, available in varying sizes, mount the well-known Tubix or Mini-tubix displays, fitted with mechanical or electronic safety systems. This enables them to form definite units which are easily and rapidly mountable.

These furnishing elements lend themselves to multiple combinations, offering the store infinite display possibilities. The standard version is available with a lacquered surface, and may be supplied with varnished wood covering on request.

The new modular drawer unit is the company's star piece. The single elements may be stacked to reach the desired height and combined in different color shades. It is also possible to cover the upper part of the drawer unit with a special glass which makes it possible to see the collection contained in the drawer below.

The system rests on a varnished-metal base or is mounted on four castors, enabling it to be either fixed to the wall or used as an independent unit.

The strength of Modular lies in its flexibility. Its simple, linear design and easy assembly makes it possible to move, modify and reassemble the structure. Modifications may thus be made to suit the store's budget. The Modular system is ideal both for opticians and chain stores which may lease or rent it to associates. Its dismounting into single parts facilitates its package and moving and also reduces transport costs.

concept-s places an expert team of designers and furnishers at the client's disposal, who follow all the setting-up phases, from planning to the completion of the point of sale. concept-s also produces special products or displays with individual client brands on request.

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