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Neynature: the sustainable vision of Centro Style at MIDO

February 7 2020

Centro Style joins the global change heading towards sustainability in 2020. This means giving up on single-use plastic in the headquarter in Vedano Olona and offering all employees a service of filtered water supply, drinks in recyclable packages and plastic free accessories in the vending machines.

In our packaging department we use 100% biodegradable and compostable poly bags that you can conveniently dispose of in the organic waste as well as the air filler that protects the products inside our cardboard boxes. The latter, then, are sealed with paper tape to facilitate the recycling that can be done entirely in the paper circuit.

From the attention to sustainability comes the inspiration that gave birth to every detail of the project Neyeture, the new Centro Style brand dedicated to globetrotters, consumers oriented to eco-friendly products and basing their purchasing choices on their environmental impact.

Neyeture is a collection of frames made of Rilsan (a biobased polyamide derived from over 45% castor oil) with magnetic clip-on to meet any need with only one product. The project includes the microfibre made of 70% recycled plastic PET bottles, the spec-case made of 100% RPET recycled plastic bottles and the magnetic clip-on case made of 35% Rilsan, the same biobased material of the frames.

Also the POP materials are in line with the brand philosophy offering a display made of FSC® cardboard with wood inlays. Moreover the box and the showcards are made with ecological paper derived from excess algae of risky lagoon environments combined with FSC® fibres and show the LifeGate Zero Impact® logo.

Centro Style will sponsor the educational workshop for the design of a frame and its accessory belonging to the Master of «Accessory Design» of the University Politecnico in Milan. The interesting projects of 100% eco-sustainable eyewear and accessories coming from this cooperation will be developed by Centro Style to enlarge the Neyeture collection.

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