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Nirvan Javan celebrates the 111-year anniversary of the Swiss premium optician Kochoptik with a limited edition.

June 15 2020

After various collaborations and events in the last few years, Nirvan Javan was given the unique opportunity to create an exclusive eyewear collection for the 111th anniversary of of the Swiss premium optician Kochoptik. The basis for this rewarding collaboration is formed by the common ambition and philosophy to create highest quality in elegant style.

Limited collection made of five acetate models

The anniversary collection includes five glossy acetate models: four optical models - available in three different colors - and one sunglasses model in two colors.

The limited edition collection is available in all 26 Kochoptik stores across Switzerland.

An aesthetic language

When it comes to the eyewear design, the designer Nirvan Javan got inspired by classic forms combined with modern details, which ideally reflect the aesthetics of both companies. Furthermore, a particular focus was devoted to the accent color red, as it plays a crucial role in the corporate design of Kochoptik.

Besides the golden elementsand inscriptions, the serial numbers with the corresponding certificate of authenticity underline the exclusivity and uniqueness of the individual frames.

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