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Nxt at Mido: a breakthrough, and not just in solar filters

May 3 2005

After the success in the top-level solar lens market gained by innovating the performance and design of eyewear, Nxt (Intercast Europe's registered trademark for which it holds the exclusive rights) is entering the world of frames. The addition of application solutions confirms its great adaptability and huge potential for development.

Its exceptional characteristics of strength, quality and reliability have inspired the creativity of some eyewear producers, including Allison (Romeo Gigli), Idc (Eye'DC) and De Rigo Vision (Etro), whose sunglasses and frames are made entirely or partly in Nxt and which feature highly innovative and unsurpassed details in style and design.

A project by the Research Center at the European Institute of Design (Cried) in Milan is part of this experimentation and extension of Nxt's field of application, and again this year it will be presenting the results of the studies and applications of this material. The project concerns new Active Sport prototypes created for the world of sailing and made entirely in Nxt SOFT. The Active Sport models for 2005 will be presented at Mido at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 6 at the Intercast Europe stand (Pav.15/II - Stand B53-57).

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