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Okia and One Ocean Foundation: together with MIDO in the name of sustainability

February 6 2020

Okia, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology, is making a loud comeback at MIDO 2020 to introduce their latest sustainable innovations and to present the sustainability trends in boosting brand image and customer loyalty in collaboration with One Ocean Foundation, the renowned ocean conservation organization.

“See The Future of Eyewear”: this is the tagline of the 2020 Eyewear Summit addressed to manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, designers and editors that Okia will be holding at the Milan show to unveil the not-to-miss sustainable trends and innovations for the coming season and the future of eyewear.

Every day from Feb. 29th to March 2nd, the  “Sustainability Trends in Boosting Brand Image & Customer Loyalty” workshop will take place. By sharing significant case studies and videos, One Ocean Foundation will showcase how consumers across different industries are demanding that the brands they buy make strides in sustainability and therefore how sustainability will be more and more important for big and small organizations in the year ahead and in the future.

On March 1st, OKIA will be holding a Press Conference to introduce the worldwide trade press to their latest sustainable innovations through a highly visual, engaging and to-the-point presentation. OKIA’s latest creation Suflexium™ is a revolutionary sustainable alloy eyewear series developed to be “lighter than titanium, stronger than steel”, providing an extraordinary lightness feeling and ultimate comfort. An upgraded version of the Reshape™ collection will be also launched at Mido. Using upcycled plastic water bottles and transforming them into biodegradable plastic material, Reshape™ ensures a super cool look while doing something good for the world. The upgraded version of Reshape™ can ultimately break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass after a 5-year biodegradation process.

All the events will take place at the ocean-theme designed Okia booth with the exclusive participation of Professor Manlio De Silvio from One Ocean Foundation. One Ocean Foundation is an Italian initiative of international relevance that was established by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda when in 2017, the year of its 50th anniversary, the club launched the One Ocean environmental sustainability project. The mission of the Foundation is to accelerate solutions to ocean issues by inspiring leaders, promoting the sustainable blue economy and enhancing knowledge though ocean literacy. Professor Manlio De Silvio has interviewed more than 50 companies for different sustainable events and collaborations including Rolex, Luxury Living Group, Audi and many more famous brands for promoting sustainability and ocean conservation.


Ph. Jacky Lam, Managing Director of Okia Optical

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