Okia receives the Intertek Green Leaf Mark.

July 16 2020

Okia strengthens its commitment to sustainability and has recently been awarded the Intertek Green Leaf Mark, a consumer product and systems verification that confirms your environmental claims have been independently verified and can thus be used to enhance the marketability of your product.


The certification comes as a result of the company’s development of BIO-Repet, a revolutionary material that embraces the 3R eco concept (recycle / reduce / recover) and takes form in Reshape, an upcycling eyewear collection crafted exclusively from 5 water bottles to produce 1 pair of eyeglasses.

The Reshape collection

It is made of 100% recycled PET material, a petroleum-based product that is globally known as safe, lightweight and flexible. This material is also 100% BPA free and allows the production of frames with a high impact resistance. The upgraded version of Reshape can ultimately break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass after a 5-year biodegradation process.

The Intertek Green Leaf Mark

With the Intertek Green Leaf Mark, manufacturers can provide business clients and consumers with the confidence that the environmental claims concerning their product(s) have been verified by an international, independent third-party testing, auditing and certification body in terms of Biodegradability, Recycled Content and ECO Claim (referred to verifying the chemical components).

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