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Persol e Ozpetek

Persol and Ozpetek sign the first Social Talent App aimed at young talent

May 24 2023

Last May 21, OzApp was presented in Cannes during an exclusive event, the world's first Social Talent App dedicated to actors, singers and videomakers, both professionals and amateurs, created by director Ferzan Ozpetek together with Persol.

Developed with the goal of helping the new generation of talent to grow their artistic talents and emerge on the international scene, OzApp, as Ozpetek explains, "is like an always-on show. It has no limits, neither physical nor geographical or social: it is a world that offers the best band, the best singer or actor or director a chance to get noticed. The purpose, and at the same time the great challenge, of OzApp is to give young people the opportunity to realize their dreams."

The app will enable young talent to take part in productions, gain exposure, find professional opportunities, and even vote on the performances of other participants, thus offering not only a cutting-edge digital platform, but also a vehicle for excitement, designed to encourage consumers to use the medium not just as customers, but as people. Emphasizing the brand's passion for all visionary forms of expression, Riccardo Pozzoli, Persol Brand Director, comments, "Through our collaboration with Ferzan Ozpetek at the launch of OzApp, we are thrilled to be able to offer young artists the valuable opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Persol firmly believes that innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind cultural and social growth, and with OzApp it wishes to provide a smart and forward-looking tool to meet this need, paving the way for a new generation of icons."

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