Pianeta design

Pianeta (Planet): the technological capsule that revolutionises the worlds of leisure, work and relaxation.

December 30 2021

The result of creative thinking by architect Giovanni Dudan and engineering skill of Elli&Rini, a revolutionary technological work and leisure station has evolved: a type of “space egg capsule” that envelops users in a cocooned and technological world.

The designers have named it Pianeta (Planet) because the capsule  transports you to another planet. It is destined to change our approach to the design of living and work spaces, providing a solution that favours comfort and sustainability not only in an environmental sense but also in psychological and emotive terms, to promote the individual’s overall holistic wellbeing.

This home-office solution with neat minimalist design is elegant and technology-based, creating a ‘tailor-made’ egg-shaped modular capsule that can be created and assembled according to your own requirements, for an entirely customised “private work space”.

Planet is, therefore, the result of a versatile merging of Italian art and craftmanship: design, fashion, art, and technology all come together here to give shape to a space that both envelops and serves the individual.

The new capsule station is created in natural and eco-friendly materials: the structure has a 2.5 square metre wooden base equipped with a monitor, Dolby sound system, webcam, and wireless recharging facilities, which (thanks to the futuristic-looking Aptico control panel) allows the user to manage all interaction. Inside, hi-tech features merge perfectly with the material elements of wood, fabric, leather and
back-lit panels for a perfect sensory experience.

The craftsmanship, concept and creation are all purely Made-in-Italy. The egg-shaped capsule is also equipped with an innovative sanitization system based on photocatalysis disinfection.
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