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Randazzo: savings of 4500 tons of CO2 emissions with “zero impact”

September 4 2012
Optissimo sponsors eighth edition of "Palermo-Montecarlo" for eco-sustainability All-round ecological stores, energy from renewable sources, hybrid company cars, the rationalization of administration procedures. Two years ago, the Randazzo Group (an optical chain with 189 stores with the Optissimo and Corner Optique signs) began its "Zero Impact" project which has saved 4500 tons of CO2 emissions, the amount absorbed by a 6 million-square-meter forest or an area only slightly larger than the entire region of Liguria. The data were announced at the end of the eighth Palermo-Montecarlo regatta, of which Optissimo is the official sponsor on the wave of eco-sustainability. "Impact Zero Navigation" is the claim of the campaign launched by Optissimo for the event to underscore the "natural" link between sail boats and the company's philosophy.   The major saving in CO2 was made possible thanks to an agreement with E.On for supplying all the Group's outlets with certified "green" energy from renewable sources, which prevented the emission of 4000 tons of CO2.   A contribution was also made by the opening of about fifteen eco-stores in Italy (Palermo, Padua, Lucca, Ancona, Parma, Bari, Trapani, Marsala (TP), Alcamo (TP), Casamassima (BA), Roma Tuscolana and Roma Tiburtina, Biella, Lugagnano (VR). The plan for new openings and restructuring will continue for the next 10 years at a rate of 8-10 per year.   The eco-stores consist of environment-friendly solutions with regard to materials (flooring, colors and furnishings in recycled and eco-sustainable materials like plastic, glass and paper), and to store management methods. Dichroic lamps or LEDs are used, which save up to 70% compared with normal outlet lights. All store laboratories are fitted with the "filtrobox", a new filtering system that was patented by the company and allows waste from lens grinding to be collected and separated. In 2011, waste was reduced by 10,000 kg.   The Group is fitting its outlets with VRS air conditioning systems that regulate the consumption of energy. Also underway is a rationalization of the number of printers, computers, photocopiers and faxes at each outlet and at the headquarters with the use in the meantime of class A+ technological tools. All this has led to a further reduction of over 140,000 kg of CO2. A close eye is also being kept on saving paper by gradually digitizing documents and implementing separate waste collections (the headquarters, for example, sent 25,000 kg of paper and cardboard to be recycled in 2011). This means that every year the company saves almost 63 trees, each of which annually absorb 40 kg of CO2 - a total of 2,500 kg.   The "Zero Impact" project also involves employees who travel for the company. The fleet of company cars has been converted to electric or full hybrid vehicles and/or they have been fitted with energy saving systems. Thanks to this, the saving in carbon dioxide emissions per car per 100,000 kilometers totaled 10,000 kg.
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