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Renzo Rosso, shareholder of the Marcolin Group

January 23 2012
The entrepreneur takes a 2% stake in the company Diesel patron, Renzo Rosso, has become a significant shareholder of Marcolin, the fashion eyewear group from Veneto. According to Consob's disclosures on shareholdings, the fashion tycoon owns 2.018% through Red Circle investments.   The 2% threshold was exceeded with a transaction dated 16 January. In October 2010, Marcolin and Diesel had signed a five-year partnership for Diesel branded eyewear production. Marcolin has another two fashion tycoons as its major shareholders, namely the Della Valle brothers, who own 40% overall: Diego Della Valle has a 20.217% stake through Ddv Partecipazioni, while his brother Andrea holds the same stake through AdvPartecipazioni.   The two entrepreneurs from the Marche stepped in after the licence agreement between the eyewear company and Dolce & Gabbana was broken off. It is not the first time that Renzo Rosso has acquired a stake in a listed company: indeed, he is also among the shareholders of Yoox, the web fashion retailer, with an 8.4% stake.
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