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S/S 2023 by 23° Eyewear opts for Bio Nylon lenses.

March 30 2023

23° Eyewear is presenting six new sunglass models for spring-summer 2023, four from the Essential collection and two from the Icon collection.

Essential: Less is More

The pure design and sculpted shapes of the Essential collection remind us that “Less is More”. These sunglasses are light but durable and take us directly to the root of our needs, inviting us to live authentically. The collection is enriched with two new round shapes - ROUND FOUR and ROUND SEVEN, larger, with a feminine character -, SQUARE ELEVEN, a square with regular and unisex lines, and RECTANGULAR NINE, a balanced and sober rectangle.

The four Essential models, in addition to the version with the characteristic Barberini glass lenses, are equipped by new Bio Nylon lenses, made from an environmentally friendly resin derived from castor oil, which draws energy from biomass. The castor plant grows in semi-arid areas and does not compete with food crops. The manufacturing process requires less energy than the production of a classic lens and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions due to its purified resin quality.

The new lens is available in two versions: BLACKOSMO BIO NYLON, suitable for driving, generic and sporting activities every day and in changeable or bright sunlight conditions; TERRENNIAL BIO NYLON, suitable for golf or more generally for field sports, for optimal optical vision with well-defined objects and natural colour in changeable or sunny conditions.

ICON: Timeless Design

The timeless designs of the Icon collection urge us to express ourselves and encourage us to take action and join the Eco-Revolution. The two new models are RECTANGULAR FIVE, a rectangular shape with soft, rounded contours, in M49 acetate, and AVIATOR THREE, a teardrop model in its most contemporary version.
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