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SNOB Milano signs distribution agreement with DMB to hit The Netherlands.

January 17 2023
Italy-based Franco Sordelli has entered into a distribution agreement with the Belgian eyewear company DMB managed by Patrick Deforche aiming at distributing the SNOB Milano collections to opticians across The Netherlands in addition to Belgium. A long- running partnership today expanding furthermore as DMB is distributing SNOB Milano in Belgium since 2016.

“Given the excellent results thanks to the significant brand development done in Belgium in the past 6 years by Patrick Deforch, owner of DMB, we are super confident and motivated to enter this new market with such a trusted partner “- say Dino Sordelli and Tommaso Bossetti – sales manager and head of marketing and design at SNOB Milano. “Holland represents a further step in our commercial development plan and will hit the market thanks to DMB distribution capabilities. Knowing each-other since a long time, we are very comfortable that they share our ambitions targeting at quality stores with high positioning and image”.

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