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Safilens announces a new partnership agreement with the Dutch firm Oté

February 10 2020

Safilens announces a new partnership agreement with the Dutch firm Oté. As the result of a mutually advantageous effort begun 10 years ago between the two R&D departments for the development of innovative products, the partnership combines the two companies’ manufacturing expertise and sales teams. It will focus primarily on new formulations of contact lens solutions and calls for Safilens to distribute Oté products in Italy and to include each company’s solution portfolio in the product line of the partner.

Headquartered in Uden, in southern Holland, Oté Optics is a family-run company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sale of liquid medical devices, such as products for contact lens hygiene, eye drops and sprays. Established in 1979, it was the first company in the market to sell private label products to opticians in the Netherlands and now exports to more than 50 countries around the world. From its production plant in Uden, the products are shipped to domestic and international clients and to its international branches: Oté UK, Oté Germany and Oté North-America.

The partnership is the first step in what could potentially be a broader global alliance between the two companies.

Daniele Bazzocchi, Safilens General Manager, comments: “The superiority of Oté products paves the way for Safilens Italian creativity to fully express itself. In an industry led by large companies, when two small, unique firms join forces, it is natural to expect big results”. Rob Oorthuizen, General Manager of Oté adds: “Both companies’ vast range of high-quality products, utmost flexibility and Safilens’ exemplary service record with Italian opticians are the ingredients for the ideal business model and I am certain they will lead us to major milestones”.

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