Safilens launches open 30 presbyo

February 24 2016
Safilens has launched its Open 30 Presbyo, a new monthly silicone-hydrogel lens for presbyopia which uses an innovative afocal design patented by the company. The lens is neither multi-focal nor progressive but features a small hyper-refractive central area that keeps paraxial optical rays out of the retinal image. “Afocal design offers multiple benefits: it prevents all the aberrations caused by stronger lenses, a reduction in the number of parameters (only 61), a simpler fitting process and easy adaptation also for the most demanding myopic patients”, commented Vincenzo Bruno, Safilens Managing Director. Open 30 Presbyo is available with an 8.70 mm. base curve, 14.10 mm. diameter and powers ranging from + 6.00D to – 6.00D.
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